Learn effective ways of Social- Media Optimization to increase your site visitors.

social media opitmization

Why do you need to optimize your Social Media channels?

Social media optimization is quite essential on the internet. Gone are the days where we focus on search engine optimization to rank in search engine result page and grow website traffic.

You need to manage your social media efficiently to get a better ranking. It also helps increase site traffic; on top of that, social media is part of traffic enhancement.

Social media is more than what it says. As an active social media participant, chances of getting increasingly brand visibility for your business.

What are the steps of social media optimization?

A simple rule of life, what you say, be simple and genuine,

Your audience might judge you on the basis of how truthful you are. 

What if you have a huge audience, still you can’t become an influencer,

There might be challenges I can simply address in my words.

You are sharing valuable information while understanding your audience.

Provide Authentic  and unique information, help your audience, 


Easy steps to become a great social media optimizer

Social media is community or family rather than just a group of people or audience. You ought to interact with your social family regularly, share helpful and valuable information.


Being Social is being human. You can better unfold your arms and let people embrace you on social media.


Well, You need to think first, The purpose of using social media platforms.

That could be just for fun or hobby,

You might want to connect to friends, family or peers, and share your life events.

Or you might have the vision to explore your business ideas and create communities to stand out in the league.


Well, you can indeed promote products and brands, get connected to millions+ socialites on one platform. 

I AM sure; Now you know the potential of social media marketing and networking.

Often, Social media platforms are used to drive users to blogs or eCommerce sites.



Eventually, That depends on you, how you collectively put efforts to optimize your social media.


An obvious question comes to our mind, how to do all this. Social media have broad networks and numerous engaging platforms.


You are right. It is not an easy task to handle all the platforms at once. You might have to research which platform I may choose to begin.


That also depends on the type of your product and business requirements. Choosing the wrong platform to publish and advertise might take you to the wrong zone.

Best Social Media platforms for your business

social media optimization

How can you optimize social media to get blog traffic fast?

  • Presence

As a Marketer, Creating a massive audience in social media is not the goal. You have to increase your presence and brand visibility among the audience. 

Being persistent in the market and regularly updating about your brand helps to increase brand loyalty. Your audience will better understand and be familiar with your brand.


  • Engagement

Once you have created visibility for your brand, Next You should discuss the features and service updates in your community. Engage with your audience to understand How they are reacting to your product. 

It’s well said. The Real worth of your product is decided by your consumers. Indeed, user engagement is effective and helps brands to grow.

Helpful–   Your audiences are the actual consumer. Stay connected and provide the solution. Eventually, Users should buy your product & services.

  • Reliable

At last, If you are not reliable for the services. You will end up losing everything.

Building trust for the audience is equally essential. Your audience won’t trust your services if you don’t stick to what you commit. 

Your commitment to deliver the services helps to increase brand loyalty. Therefore, Businesses with high brand loyalty have maximized the earning potential.

You can perfectly optimize social media and boost the growth ratio. However, none of the battles is fought without weapons. 

Tools can help you manage social media optimization with ease.

Social Media optimization tools

  • Howsociable.com
social media optimization

Howsociablehelps you to boost the brand presence over the web. You can get more followers, Likes if you subscribe to the services from howsociable.com. 

Helps you in social media optimization

  • Knowem.com
social media optimization

Knowem empowers you to check your brand and product on over 500 popular social media sites. 

Knowem provides both free and paid services. Big companies and enterprises invest in promoting their blog. 

It also helps you to secure your brand reputation.

Check the variety of plans from Knowem.

  • Publer
social media optimization

Publer is a quick tool to schedule your social media posts, videos, and stories. The tool is well customized, keeping users convenience in mind. 

Not just scheduling, even you can create your feed in puber. It comes with a browser extension. 

The extension is empowered to save images while you’re surfing the internet. 

Publer has all the visuals saved to the media library. You can use those visuals while you create a post to feed. 

That’s not it; great analytics enhances your performance tracking and how you are doing with your posts on social media channels. 

It was tough to manage social media from one platform. 

I signed up for many social media tools, but I faced challenges. Finally, I grabbed the publer and integrated each social media profile. 

You might be interested in giving it a try once (free version). Publer plans are available free & paid for both. 

Publer provides excellent customer support.


I started using publer months ago, and my journey to handle social media is way easier.

Do you want to try now Publer.io

How can you do viral marketing

Creating emotional or funny content on the web that involves the audience. Video or images that catch the audience’s attention are shared widely on social media. 

Posts that are funny or surprising get maximum shares across various channels. Moreover, these channels are interconnected to each other. 

In case visual content is viral on one platform, That might impact the other platforms too. 

The content that is widely shared and discussed in a short time is viral content. You can use these tricks and start viral marketing.

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