5 Little Tricks In Social Media Marketing World to drive organic traffic to your blog?

social media marketing world
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Social Media Marketing World  is one of the best platform that invites the  maximum customer engagement from various sources .

It could be the websites or apps etc.


Though digital marketing has vital role play in social media marketing.

 Businesses grew up immensely using social media platforms as its cost effective too.

Social media marketing world has enabled analytics tools to track your business,its helpful.

The best part  that is easily accessible through mobile phones.

As per some research around 81% of the population in united states is actively engaged  in social media.

Research says users on social media are increasing every year. 

5 influencing ways to grow your business in social media marketing world

I have created this article to help understand the advantage of social media

How can you implement the best practices in growing your business?


A coffee lover will always go to a coffee shop which has your taste, and you love the brand, as you have trusted for the brand. 

 If you come across unknown coffee shop different brand or taste, you will be unwilling to visit.

 Being consistent on social media channels, the consumer will have a better association with your product and services.

As per our industry giant Neil Patel, 60% of US millennials expect consistent experiences

 Make a logo for your brand and put your professional profile picture.

Even though you can use a funky and entertaining profile picture.


But a profile picture should be relevant to the business.

Your consumer associates your image with your product and services.

   You need to choose your targeted audience with consistent efforts to share. Your product with facts & build trust in the audience.

Your consumer is the key to evaluate your product 

Let your consumer know updated services and spread across also understand consumer’s psyche.        

The brand creation is nothing but consumer’s regular involvement in your content And lets their ideas come on the subject that becomes familiar.   

Having said that, become an enlighten for your audience 

Use various social media marketing networks to create brand awareness.

social media marketing world

Creating a presence is as essential to launch conversation helps to generate unique ideas 

And influence social media marketing strategies.

 AS example if you go to a brand coffee shop and they greet you.

Then, you aligned with thought to enjoy coffee & to get served better.

 Your targeted audiences should be recognized through creative social media activities and make them aligned with your influence.

 Think from the audience interest point and have contest and news posts.

It makes an impact and allows the audience to give their specific inputs.

 You will find some participants with the higher influencer in your post .make their involvement more by mentioning their names.

Find different platforms to connect offline conducting a podcast –

by adding @ before adding influencers names on Facebook and Google+ which will boost the social media influence.

There might be many more working for the same niche, could be influencing more than you.

Find different platforms to connect offline conducting a podcast. 

Also, see what the competitors are doing right could be helpful to become active social media marketing influencer.

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social media marketing world
image source: Neil patel

Just like a coffee shop example .you look for your favourite coffee what if other flavours look more tempting so you might want to try them

image credit @Neil Patel blog

credit to neil patel blog

As users have one glaring question whats in it for me?

Leads to quality content making in social media networking and optimize your profile.

 You need to design lead magnet profile, show your achievements, value posts videos.

Share your post in various marketing groups and also share their post.

Audit the business and find out actionable ideas which help the consumers and spread those ideas in various social media platform.

 Maximum share on various platforms will draw consumer’s attention to your site.

Linked In and FACEBOOK could bring maximum organic traffic.

AS an expert suggestion, Social media agency can better optimize networking through all channels for creating lead-generating results.

 Nurture the consumer in the best manner to provide solutions with value that help in generating more leads.


Every year social media is generating more revenue AS some analysis says.

 It generated $5.2 billion in revenue in 2018. Not this only the number went up to $6.7 billion in 2019.

Reply with a comment, sell social content throughout the buying called social sales model.

 Here is universal saying .Keep basic sound,mission-oriented understanding, Respond and acknowledge the little from the consumer.

 While this process, Never shifts your focus from sales.

Social selling can help to build better and potential customers using various social media platforms.

It helps in creating a better understanding and connection with the customer.

5. Build groups and communities

Building groups and communities required a lot of engagements.

Our active participation and to give adequate time to groups with refreshing knowledge and updates.

Also, share the needful and required posts to other groups as well.

 Create a knowledge gaining source in communities that also helps to make aware and launch our product n services in other groups.

 Every community has some influencer, draw their attention to your community and welcome them.

You are getting knowledge along with building a relationship being a part of the community.

 Become a leader in the group and keep each member responded to the group query that becomes more engaging.


The social media marketing world has enough potential if You use it properly,

While driving organic traffic to your sites.

Tracking of consumer interest and needs should be the priority.

There are tools to optimize all networking channels .depends how you utilize those.

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