23 Proven Methods to Get blog traffic fast [2021]

get blog traffic fast


Over a while, for a new blog to get blog traffic fast becomes difficult.

However, the study says: There are possibilities to get organic traffic for a new website.

Targeting the right keyword and creating valuable content has a vital role.

It’s a competitive market. However, it’s not an impossible task to drive traffic-Seo has a vital role, 

but the central aspect is how well you form your post.

The right keyword at the correct position can help Google and your targeted audience to locate you and your blog. 

The key to success in your blog traffic is how well you can execute your content and make it valuable to your audiences.

Now, without much further ado, Let’s Now quickly dive into the  10 Proven methods to bring blog traffic fast on your blog.

Table of Contents

List of 23 Proven methods to get blog traffic fast

1. Find Trending Topic

get blog traffic fast

Firstly you have to research the topic as to which topics are trending these days. 

Choose a topic that has upward trending every year. 

Prefer using google trends tool to check topic trends. 


It’s a beneficial tool that gives a fair idea about topic trends. Now once, You have an exploding topic

Next task is keyword research.

Suppose you are starting a new blog. 

As a fresh blogger, always find a keyword with lower search volume. 

It should be below 1000; As a beginner, it will be easy to rank for less competitive keywords. 

Over the period when your blog grows, you can target high search volume keywords.



2. Keyword Research

get blog traffic fast

Keyword research is again not easy but follow the tactics. 

All you have to make sure to understand the user’s intent then target a keyword. 

Pick a long tail keyword,Length (4-5 words). 

You can use a long-tail keyword to make questions and answers post. 

Your post might rank for featured snippets. 

You will get more users visiting your blog that might help to get blog traffic fast. 

Users are searching for more words related to your keywords. 

Think of those words which could be related to your seed keyword. 

Make a list of all the terms, Related to your seed keyword and include those words in your post.  

Eventually, you have to write what your audience is searching for.

3. Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ubersuggestahref and google keyword planner can give better ideas to get related keywords. 

You can also include LSI keywords from google serp.

4. Do Proper  On- Page- Seo

get blog traffic fast

Every blogger wants the number one ranking in serp. 

However, it’s not easy to rank no.1 as a fresh new blog as there is enormous competition.  

But It’s not impossible. You can examine your competitor and find out what’s working for him. 

Perhaps you can add more value to your post. Never make things complicated for the audience. 

Make it simple and comprehensive. It would be best if you focused on post optimization. 

If you are a wordpress blogger. 

Then I recommend you to use Rankmath or Yoast Seo Plugin which is user friendly. Can give you proper guidance upon on-page Seo. 

Following which Semrush is also a valuable tool to write seo friendly content.

You may also want to refer to these seven On-Page tips that I follow on my Blog-

5.  Image Optimization

An image should never be heavy. It should be relevant to the topic.

Always use a compressed and lightweight image. 

Give credit if you use images from similar blogs or anwhere in the web. 

Every picture should be unique to avoid copyrights or identical. 

Put Your targeted keyword in Alt image helps search engines to understand about an image.

Loading time for an image should be less. You can use info-graphic or doodle images. 

Prefer using tools like Tiny PNG and JPEG Optimizer to compress the image. Cavna is the excellent tool for image editing or designing

The relevant image gives a fair idea about the topic. 

A compelling image can create a massive impact on your audience.

Let’s say you land on a post to find a solution. 

Now you get an info-graphic image at the start of the post, Which talks about the complete post attributes. 

It is simple to understand a picture rather than reading the whole content

6. Content Optimization

Content optimization is equally essential for On-Page SEO. It should be quality content. 

Before writing, we should understand our audience then better write as per their questions and issues.

Content is more like a solution to a problem. 

In simple words, provide content that has explanations and answers for your audience.

Content is your image online, Users don’t see you, but they get to know you when read the content. 

Keep in mind your content is always king, Build trust with your audience.


Now, I am sure you have a question.

Right? How to write Seo optimized content.

I will explain the smart ways.

Form uncomplicated and short sentences. Avoid grammar and spelling errors. You can use the best tools like Grammarly and Free grammar checker online

Never copy or spam content from anywhere on the internet. Instead, create your content. 

Don’t hesitate to write. It seems hard nut to crack in beggining while writing content to your posts. 

But do a practice to write every day else you may be penalized if you copy or spam on the internet.

7. Catchy SEO Title and Headings

get blog traffic fast

Write a catchy SEO Title and place your seed keyword in the title. 

You can generate seo Title using tools such as suppressor Blog TITLE Generator.

SEO Presser Use html headings in the form of {H1,H2,H3,H3 H4 etc.}

The overview should be an idea about the entire post. 

Don’t use confusing or misleading words in the content.


Share your own tried and effective practices that can be helpful to get blog traffic fast.

8. Meta description

Keep the meta description length below 160 words. 

Create a summary of the page. 

Search Engines show the meta description to the audience to know the page which they are going to browse. 

You can start the description in the form of query or question then add the answer or solution at the end.

Remember to place your keyword in the description.

9. Internal linking and external linking

Now, You have to link your post to other posts within the same domain. You need user engagement on your blog. 

Internal linking helps in SEO. Eventually, the maximum time a user stays on your blog. 

Bounce rate will be reduced.

Also, external linking is relatively dominant, link your post to similar niches sites with higher authority. 

Prohibit the incorrect external linking, Never send users to spam or fraud sites.

10. Breadcrumb

While you are doing everything right on your post, 

it’s necessary to show the navigation or path to search engines. I have noticed on several posts. 

Bloggers are not using breadcrumb on the post,  WordPress is empowered with breadcrumb Plugin Or you can just trun on breadcrumb in one page SEO plugin. 

Similarly, Tagging can increase users engagement. At the end of the post,  Tag your current post to another relevant previous post.

Advance strategies to get blog traffic fast from Brian Dean

11. Off-Page-Seo

get blog traffic fast

Once you have completed On Page- Seo on the post, 

your Journey doesn’t end here,  OFF Page – SEO happens outside the site.

You need to viral your URL on the internet, but it should be legit and genuine.

Build links with high authority sites. 

Write a post on the same niche sites as a guest.

Comment on quality posts and appreciate the excellent work.

You need to link your domain or post to quality domains that are referring to your blog.

Linking tells search engines that your website or post has weightage on the internet since other domains are referring to your blog post. 

Off-Page-SEO creates a massive impact on the ranking of your website in serp.

If you Follow the On-page and Off-page Seo tactics mentioned above

You should get blog traffic fast on your site.

Let’s find out more about Off-Page Seo:

12. Link Building

Let’s go back to basics since Your post is ready now you want your content and site to become famous.

Building links with sites which are ranking well in serp. 

If you get links with such sites, you can better execute off-page seo. 

This process is a bit longer, but in the end, you will get the juice. 

Prohibit linking your post or site to spam or fake sites. Remember to check the spam score on Moz.

Spam score should ideally be in the range of 1-30. That’s a good spam score. 

Never build links with sites with high spam scores above 60. 

Eventually, Your site spam score might increase if you build link with high spam score 61 to 100..

13. Write a guest post

Guest posting is an effective and great way to communicate with readers on others’ blogs.

Connect with new users and submit your article under the same niche sites. 

Guest Posting helps to get blog traffic fast.

Also, offer guest posting on your site helps to increase the content and provide the link.

14. Post Comments

Commenting on quality posts helps to get backlinks. 

Write genuine comments and ask questions to make it engaging with the author. 

Put valuable comments and appreciate the excellent work in the post. Build trust with the author.

In simple words, If you recognize bloggers good work and highlight at least one value-added quality in the post. 

You will be noticed and getting more visibility with fellow bloggers. 

That will help you to get more popular and help in your blogging career.


15. Forum Posting

Forum posting is impactful. It could be a question and answer platform.

You may choose a question from open forum platforms like QUORA. Further more you can connect with me on Quora

You can write answers and publish in forums. In such a forum, you get access to a broad audience,

 Better prepare your content and then publish.

When your audience likes your answer and learns from you, they visit your blog to learn more from you. 

It’s a great platform to get blog traffic fast.


You can get links from high authority sites in forum discussion sites like Quora.Com and careers360.com. 

It helps you to create backlinks by the question and answer posting.


Now, other forum discussion sites allow article posting to create backlinks. 

It’s quite simple, and You can get high authority backlinks either by a question and answer posting. 

You can also post your article on these sites.

16. Socail Media Channels

get blog traffic fast

Your persistence participation in social media with the audience

It would be best if you initiate contests, polls, QnA, and create posts. 

Post comments on other communities, Make your community and keep regular activities.  Become an active part of excellent community to join now at Facebook Group

Create welcome and blog promotion posts that help to attract new users.

Boost your appearance to ask questions, answer frequently.

Invite other experts in the same group to answer and share the idea to drive blog traffic fast.

Social Media is endless; the more you connect with people. The more you explore, it is more like sharing.



17. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. 

You can join groups or communities on Facebook and increase your appearance among other fellow bloggers.

Make a community invite experts to take part and share experts ideas. 

Remember to appreciate fellow bloggers’ work and learn the art of growing traffic to your blog.

Social Media is the most emerging and dynamic field, which mainly consists of youngsters. 

Consistency in social media will surely get the traffic to your blog.

Currently, Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users.

 Create posts regularly, and publish in groups, provide Q&A sessions.

You should answer the questions professionally and also ask questions to understand the learning curve. 

Create a rating for your post also ask if this content of the post was helpful.

An effective way to connect with fellow bloggers, You should share others’ quality posts. 

That might get you into the expert bloggers radar.


18. Twitter

While working on twitter follow simple tricks to get blog traffic fast, Create short tweets to get more attention, 

Try to keep it below 100 words.Currently, Twitter has 321 million users with a net worth of $1.47 billion.

Use of proper #Hashtags to spread your content.

Use @mention in several ways. Mention bloggers who regularly comment on your blog posts.

Republish your previous content and pin your tweets. Be consistent in tweeting on the other posts.

Make use of relevant #hashtags to boost visibility.

If You use it well, Twitter can be helpful to drive quality traffic to your blog.

19. Pinterest

Pinterest is a good and genuine source to attract an audience to your blog.

Nothing works without networking in social media. 

Pinterest works similarly to other social media platforms except, It has a visual(image) search. 

However, to get visibility on Pinterest, You have to create attractive pins and boards.

 While creating a board, always give keywords related to your business or blog.

Create rich pins and write extra information on the pin itself. 

You can include an article pin; users will get an idea to get real content, including author, and description of your post.


20. Youtube

Follow the Seo in youtube, DO keyword research before optimizing videos. 

You can use tools like ahref or semrush. Create a catchy headline to attract an audience.

Write a small crux of the post that helps to increase clicks on the video.

Try to make engaging videos which keep viewers on your channel.

You need to be expressive and provide valuable information. 

The initial part of the video you need to hold the viewer as the study says, User gets off the video within 3 to 5 seconds. 

Publish your videos regularly on unique topics. 

Increase your subscriber by making a kind request to your audience. 

When you get subscribers, Gradually, you publish the videos. 

Your viewers will increase, and your video will be viral on the internet, link your videos to your blog. 

Users will visit your blog as you pledge to help your audience via video interaction.

21. Instagram

Four actionable steps to invite the audience to your site via – Instagram.

  1. Your Bio should be good 
  2. Link your website URL to Bio
  3. Create a hashtag for your brand, 
  4. Post visually rich feed regularly.

Create beautiful Bio and fill the information about the self. 

You can link multiple things in your Bio check our linktr.ee

Link your website to your Bio, and You can generate traffic by providing a call to action buttons on your Bio. 

That will help you drive traffic fast to your site.

Hashtags are supreme in the world of Instagram. 

Usually, people make mistakes by putting up random hashtags and end up reaching the wrong audience

and lose the organic reach to relevant audiences.

Relevant hashtags such as you create a post about social media marketing, 

but you are giving random hashtags like #social media entertainment.

If you give irrelevant hashtags, You might invite spammers.

Hashtags should be relevant to your niche. 

You will get targeted audiences to grow your blog organically. 

Visuals should be impressive and catchy to drag your user’s attention.

Relevant visuals and images are KEY! to hook the audience.

Finally, followers will turn into subscribers.

22. WhatsApp

Whats app is an emerging social media platform. 

Initially, it started as a communication aggregator via text.  Over a while, the platform started sharing images and videos.

Presently, Whatsapp is not only used to communicate one to one. It is used worldwide to communicate. 

You can create groups and communities to share more like a forum. 

Now the crucial part is to collect contact numbers using opt-in forms on Facebook or other social media sites. 

Make a group for your audience and share your content.

Your audience will visit your blog after reading your valuable content. 

The best part about Whatsapp is that you can share your blog promotional videos and offers in a private chat and its end to end encrypted.   

It is more personalized than other social media platforms.

Whatsapp is an upcoming and dynamic platform to communicate in the fastest ways- which is also user friendly.

I remember the days when whatsapp started. 

It was like our dream come true. We could chat faster over the internet than regular text messages.

It is a technological revolution for sure. 

Now you have a whatsapp business tool, Which gives more connectivity and authority to make your own brand profile and publish it online. 

You can create your blog’s short description and share in your status. 

whatsapp business profile has a great feature. 

You can send automatic greeting messages to new users in a selected time.

You can optimize these automatic messages in profile settings. 

It’s bringing more helpful and advanced features that can be supportive of attracting more users to visit your blog.

23. Telegram

Telegram is a superfast messaging app. 

It is known for speed and security for free. 

It has excellent features such as Private messaging between two users to message, 

that will not be saved on the server. 

It is available in web and android apps both.

The cloud-based frequent messaging app, video calls and voice- over internet protocol. 

The chats are end to end encrypted for secret chats only, 

where Whatsapp gives end to end encryption to every communication.

Telegram is a German company founded by two Russian brothers. 

Telegram is a potent source of communication where you can engage with your audience. 

It is friendly and straightforward to use; messages are heavily encrypted. 

You can sync and use it on multiple devices. 

Build your own telegram groups, and keep regular interaction with your audience. 

Organize [FAQ sessions] to answer the queries and connect on a personal level, 

provide solutions and welcome new members in the group. 

Telegram is more like other social media channels which connect your audience to your blog and boost traffic in your blog.

Telegram has limitless access to media size and chat counts.

Telegram is available in android, iphone+ipad and pc/mac + Linux.

Check who viewed your profile,  using telegram checker bot.



I hope the techniques mentioned above are valuable and helpful to you. 

If in case of any other add-on on the tactics do feel free to let us know in the comment section below. 

We are always open to feedbacks. 

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  1. you explained it very well Kishore. I liked the your way of trying to stick the user with your contnet. it is good.

    Ya, you included fluenty of methods to get the blog traffic. in the long run SEO, social media traafic, email marketing definitely win.

    and also here the point is most beginners depend on only one source of traffic which is not good. we have to diversify the traffic sources if you are planning your blogging business long term

    Thank you for this post. Keep bring such awesome stuff on this blog.

    (I found this article on Linkedin)

    • Hey Venkat,
      Yes, IN the long run, You have to work with diversified platforms to gather more audience. A little flick with single platform can put you in rush.
      SO spread your network across the web to access never lasting website traffic. I am glad you read the article and found it worth. I will continue to produce more content like this.

  2. Super advice Nand. I am seeing the benefits of optimizing posts for SEO, big-time. Amazing how even a little SEO-focus changes things as I drive more Google traffic since I began optimizing each post in January of 2021. Fabulous post.


    • Hey Ryan,

      I am happy to see you commenting on my blog, I am a little in the blogging journey. Constantly learning @bloggingfromparadise, Thank you for being torch bearer for me.

  3. Hey Ryan,
    I liked the your way of trying to stick the user with your contnet. it is good.
    You have mention good tips about traffic in which Choose a topic that has upward trending every year is very helpful.

    Thank you


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