Email marketing best practices to increase your conversion and produce sales in 2020


Email marketing best practices and strategies can build a strong relationship with your new audience and convert into recurring customers.

You have advance tools (convert it, Mailchimp, optinmonster) to optimize your email campaign using ‘AI’ features. 

You will learn some incredible email marketing tricks and best practices.

The key to email marketing is your audience’s trust in you. Follow these email marketing tactics to deliver stellar results.

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10 Actionable steps for email marketing best practices in 2020

1. Connect with your audience

email marketing best practices

 Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to connect with the audience. While sending emails to the audience, 

You need to educate the audience about the product in the simplest way.

Before you take your audience to the promotion or conversion part, 

you have to build a good rapport with the audience. The process is of sending and receiving. 

Let’s say, You are sending an email to the user and just talking about a product or promotion. 

Your audience is not in sync with your content. You will have a hard time to convert.

You need to Bring Value to Your Readers. Connect with Your Subscribers; they are the real people.

Writing reviews about a product or service, which is not attractive, can bore your audience. 

Write engaging content and make Your Emails Interesting. That will help the reader to stay on and read the email till last.


Every reader is valuable. Craft emails keeping individuals dignity and respect in mind.

Curate Content which You have already Written.

 Talk to One Person at a time instead of talking to a thousand people.

Be careful while using HTML and Plain Text Emails both.

2. Customize your Email deliverability.

Thumb rule in email marketing deliverability, [Send your email at right frequency].

Find, Suitable time to send emails to your audience. You will get a high email opening rates. 


Proper research should be done to recognize audience behavior.

Find out Age groups, males or females, working in corporate or running own business. Create well optimized campaign to reach a variety of audiences.

Right after, You have chosen your audience, be consistent in sending emails. 


Avoid writing spam or confusing words in the content. The audience might suspect your emails as spam.

Create double opt-in forms to verify the user’s email. Make it easy for the audience to unsubscribe to the list. 

Sender reputation is assessed on prior connect. Write the subject-lines simple and catchy. 

Eventually, Remove all [non – existing email addresses].


3. Craft catchy subject lines.

Just think from the user’s perspective. You Receive 25 to 30 marketing emails per day. 

Now the chances are, you are gonna open emails with catchy subject lines.


In my views, One of the best email marketers [John morrow]@smartblogger with exceptional subject lines. 

He creates catchy subject lines for newsletters. Catchy and tempting headings/subject lines have a high click-through rate.

Headings should be short and straight to the point. While an audience is checking inbox-emails, 

He will click emails that have crisp answers to their queries.

Headlines with solutions and tags can compel the audience to give priority to your emails. 

In simple words, Your subject line should add at least one value to the audience.

There should be a purpose for the user to click your email first.

4. Engaging Email marketing content.

A few significant points should be noticed while writing content in emails. 

Your content should be clear and easy to understand for your targeted audience. 

Include actionable words that can drive the audience until the final part of the email. 


Your content could include – (videos, images, graphs, comparisons, templates).

Follow the marketing funnel steps. Gradually involve your audience; Before pitching for products or services to consume, 

you need to make strong connection with the audience.  If Pitching for sale too early, and You might end up losing the prospects and leads.


Your judgment can be wrong at times, While converting the prospects. 

But that doesn’t change the correct procedure and best practice. Nobody is claimed to be perfect. [YES]

Your consistent email marketing best practice will shape the path to pull the audience. 

Sales can be made at any time if you have created trust and faith with the consumer.

Use magical words in content such as Please, Sorry, Thank you, I can feel the same, etc. personalised emails have better conversions.

5. Call to action [button or text].

You might influence your email visitors by crafting awesome emails. 

But you would be unlucky if you can’t monetize your best email marketing strategies.

Call to action button is a path that directs users to your website or blog. 

Now how can you push the audience to click on the CTA button?


CTA has a vital role. Write tempting and meaningful words to attract the audience. Write two words or phrases to make an influential CTA. 

Your call to action is a powerful resource to pull potential customers that can be converted into a sale.  

Put call to action {CTA} button or anchors; you can ask your website or blog visitors to click, then send them to the desired (landing) page.

Common CTA words:-

Buy a course

Grab a deal

sign-up for the marketing newsletter

There could many types of call to action button.

Buttons on webpage

Opt-in email marketing campaign

Anchors in a post 

text in emails

Text in social media channels.

6. Mobile-friendly emails

Our work lives have transformed drastically with the technological revolution. 

Mostly we check our emails and social media notifications on Mobile.

It’s easy to check daily updates and notifications and also small reports related to your work or business. 

You should focus on creating emails which are mobile friendly. 

Suppose you make good looking layouts, informative content, still unable to make it mobile optimized. It’s gonna hurt your CTR.

There are high chances; your clicks will increase. 

Implement incredible steps to make Mobile-friendly emails.

Your subject line should be short and crisp.

The size of the font should be bigger.

It should contain images but only the smaller one.

 Pixels should be somewhere between 500 – 600 at max.

There could be more proven ways to make mobile-friendly emails.

One should notice, Mobile-friendly emails are a vital part of email marketing best practices

7. Segmentation of your email list

It would be best if you researched your audience before you blast your emails. Know certain specifications about your subscribers.


Your subscriber’s interest, activities, preferences, and habits, such information can be helpful.

Suppose you know your targeted audience best timing when they open emails. Which demographics are they from{country}?


Your subscriber’s age group, gender, and occupation. You can create relevant messages. 

IF you follow the right segmentation process, therefore, ISP’s won’t affect the 

Sender’s reputation. And ISP’s won’t send your emails to the spam folder. 

8. Advance planning for holidays.

As a smart marketer, You will plan in advance to create your Holidays email campaigns. besides, events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. 

you can benefit yourself by creating shopping campaigns on given dates.

 Black Friday, after thanksgiving celebration, November 27, 2020

Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Small Business Saturday, November 28, 2020

Cyber Monday, November 30, 2020

 Prepare your holiday email marketing strategies now, For upcoming holidays in 2020. People should be buying from you this holiday.

9. Review your email campaign

You should be monitoring your performance during the campaigns and find out mistakes to work upon.

Because In the end, the Result matters the most. After doing everything right, 

If you can’t generate sales then it’s not worth. You have to check your performance and work on low metrics to improve.

10. Dominance of A/B testing in best email marketing practices

An essential step before you continue with your email campaign is to review and testing.

A/B testing will help to monitor which variation is working better. 

Sending different variations to different sets of subscribers. Finally, Compare which variant is working better, and continue to do the same.

Final Words:

Email marketing best practices are still effective and actionable to convert prospects into sales. 

Persistence efforts in email marketing to keep the audience connected about product promotions, updates, and news. 

I hope you would utilize the best resource to enhance overall email marketing performance.

[Please share with someone like you]. I would really appreciate if you comment your views. Doing that will help me to make it better.

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