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Services in 2021

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A virtual private server is nothing but a more advanced service than shared hosting with enabled resources. You get an independent virtual space on the server that only shares the hardware. There could be multiple domains hosted on the same server but don’t share the virtual space. VPS is much secured and robust as compared to shared hosting.You get more access to VPS as compared to a shared hosting server. Best and cheap VPS hosting is really worth for small busniess.

  1. Liquid web
best and cheap vps hosting

There is no doubt liquid web is a well-renowned VPS service provider. The company is only focusing on business clients. Liquid web offers VPS and dedicated hosting services, not shared hosting. It provides authentic features and robust services.

Best Features:

  • Extremely powerful VPS infrastructure
  • SSD Pushes for Greater Rates and load Occasions 
  • First-class Service Staff Proactive server 
  • Tracking Advanced DDoS protection and an integrated firewall
  • Cloudflare CDN for Superior Satisfied caching.
  • 24/7 On-site Support via Phone/Chat/Email

Liquid web is well-known for its robust VPS servers and enterprise-grade infrastructure.  

The entry-level deal, you continue to be able to procure 2 CPU cores, 

The storage is SSD-powered also, assuring optimal prices for several sites around the VPS.

Both Linux and Windows hosting clients have numerous digital server options, 

2. InMotion

best and cheap vps hosting

You can find VPS hosting providers, and it won’t be so difficult. You can also get attracted by their low prices on the taglines. However, you have to be a smart player not to get caught in the trick for keeping the price low.

While choosing the most suited VPS hosted plan,  You should wisely look at the features and required items, such as ..backups. cPanel may not be included in the plan, and you might be charged extra.

InMotion hosting is slightly different from others. It starts the basic plan price, starting at $22.99/mo over three years. But you can see why InMotion is asking that much. 

The plan offers great specifications like – 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth, three dedicated IP’s.

It provides backups and Cpanel for free also 90 days money-back guarantee.

3. Hostgator

best and cheap vps hosting

Hostgator gives standard hosting services overall for reasonable prices, and the same applies to the Hostgator VPS hosting services.

Hostgator gives 99.9% uptime.

Fancy VPS Features for free

Flexible software,

Advanced functionality

Powerful hardware 

Full suite of tools

Weekly backups

Hostgator has a range of plans starting from low to high. These plans are available for both whether you pay monthly or annually.Hostgator comes with three wonderful VPS hosting plans, begin with Snappy 2000

This plan offers 2GB RAM, 2cores of CPU, and 120 GB disk space.Now the upper version of the previous plan.

Snappy 4000

this plan offers 4GB RAM 2 cores CPU AND 165 GB and unmetered bandwidth and most high-end plan for VPS hosting is

Snappy 8000

Plan comes with 8 GB RAM, 4CORES CPU, 240 GB disc space, Unmetered bandwidth.

4. Bluehost

best and cheap vps hosting

Bluehost is a famous web hosting in the market for a long time and offers affordable plans for all users, 

Bluehost offers a variety of plans for VPS hosting.

Bluehost recommended three plans.

Standard plan start with $19.99/mo ,offers 2 cores ,30 GB SSD storage , 2 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, 1 IP address 

Enhanced plan starts with $29.99/mo .offers 2 cores ,60 GB ssd storage , 4 GB RAM, 2TB Bandwidth , 2 IP Address.

Ultimate plan starts with $59.99/mo ,offers 4 cores , 120 GB SSD storage , 8 GB RAM , 3 TB Bandwidth , 2 IP Address .

Free domain registration for one year with each new VPS, and after one year, you can renew your domain at market price.

30 days money-back guarantee 

24/7 special trained team to help with technical issues.

5. Hostinger

best and cheap vps hosting

 Hostinger is the best and cheapest available option for VPS hosting in the market. It starts at the lowest price, $0.99/mo if you choose any other VPS hosting.

There are vps6 plans available and start as low as $3.95/mo. Hostinger is simply fast and reliable.

Money back guarantee – 30 days

Plan Features.& Pricing

VPS 1 –  $3.95

1 Core


SSD Storage 20 GB

Geekbench 3513

Bandwidth 1 TB

VPS 2 – $8.95

vCPU – 2Cores 


SSDStorage 40 GB

Geekbench score 5363

Bandwidth 2TB

VPS 3- $12.95

vCPU- 3 Cores


SSD Storage 60GB

Geekbench score -7545

Bandwidth- 3TB

More features are added to each plan

Like: Dedicated IP, fULL Root Access, 100 Mb/s Network, IPV4&IPV6 Support,

Hostinger provides full support 24/7/365

best and cheap vps hosting

A2 hosting is truly famous for its speed and services. It might be a bit costly than other VPS hostings, but A2 has its own milestone in the hosting world. Currently, I am using A2 hosting for my blog.

It provides 20X FASTER Turbo Servers

featuring AMD EPYC Servers with NVMe drives. A2 also give a money-back guarantee.

Unmanaged VPS hosting: Unmanaged hosting has a range of plans and pricing.

 The plan starts as low as $4.99/mo, called Runway1 – RAM 1 GB, SSD Storage 150GB, Transfer – 2 TB, Cores 1, Provides Root Access, and money-back guarantee. 

Runway2 – RAM 2 GB, SSD Storage 250GB, Transfer – 3TB, Cores 2 ,Provides Root Access and money back guarantee.

Runway3-  RAM 4 GB, SSD Storage 450GB, Transfer – 4 TB, Cores 4, Provides Root Access, and money-back guarantee. 

 Runway4 – RAM 4 GB, SSD Storage 450GB, Transfer – 4 TB, Cores 4, Provides Root Access, and money-back guarantee. And Final A2 Unmanaged plans check to know: Supersonic Plans 8-32. 

7. Scalahosting

best and cheap vps hosting

Scala Hosting provides speedy performance and amazing features. The company provides affordable VPS hosting with Cpanel.

Fully managed VPS hosting. 

There are four plans.

Plan Start price as low as $9.95/mo

1CPU Core


SSD Storage 20GB

Plan Advanced price as low as $21.95/mo

2 CPU Core



Plan Business as low as $41.95/mo

 4 CPU Core



Plan Enterprise price as low as  $63.95

 6 CPU Core



Each plan has amazing Features.

 SPanel Control Panel

 Daily Remote Backups

 Free Snapshots

 Fully Managed

 Free Migration

 SShield Security Protection

 Dedicated IP Address

 Guaranteed Resources

 Better Google Rankings

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