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Nand Kishore Srivastava
Nand Kishore Srivastava

Hey there Welcome to DigitalFacts24.com.
My name is Nand Kishore, Full time Blogger, I am always eager to learn new things. I love to explore idea beyond the Box, Blogging is my Passion. You can connect with me

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While working in corporates I was fade- up with.
  1. Monotonous job pattern and 
  2. No creative work.

Blogging gives new horizons to explore the world. I love to interact with the audience online, So I find the journey interesting with a great opportunity.

I Belong to a small town Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, which Most people might not know.

I started my journey in BPO industry and dedicated my 15 long years. 

I experienced an inner- feeling during this time; while you are working for others, You work on a set pattern.

You will lose your creativity. I was not satisfied as I had no creative work to do.

One fine day, I met with my friend ) Sumit Kesheri (blogger), founder of mowebiseedia.com.

He writes realistic and entertaining reviews about movies and web series

He is the guy who enlightened me about the blogging world and helping me throughout the journey.

I am learning new strategies every day, And will continue to do that.

What do I want to accomplish from the blogging?

My goal is to reach maximum readers and provide quality information. 

Blogging is my day start and the end.

I share my knowledge & experience in blogging, Seo, and affiliate marketing.

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Copyright © 2019 DigitalFacts24. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 DigitalFacts24. All rights reserved.